This is the thirteenth post in our 24-part Super Squad Series, recognizing the best programs over the last three years in every single Division I FBS & FCS Conference, as well as the upperclassmen & staff who’ve anchored them.

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Rankings after last week:

Week 12 Super Squad Poster

About Super Squad Rating

Super Squad Ratings range 0-100, heavily-weighed toward zero. A 100.0 rating is only achievable for a team that finishes #1 in College Football all three years, with a 100+ power rating each year. The top three 2020 Super Squads rate in at 78, 57, and 47, respectively.

Best thought of as a notoriety score:
“How many normal people out of 100 should recognize this program’s success the last three years?”

Consider an SSR (Super Squad Rating) of 78 to abstractly mean that program deserves 78% of Americans’ attention.
Conversely a program with a 1.1 SSR would be worth the attention of only 11 out of 1,000 Americans.

Congratulations Dartmouth Big Green for fielding the top Ivy League football program since Fall of 2017!

Kudos especially to the 48 student athletes who were on the roster all three seasons – 2017-18, 2018-19, and 2019-20:

Hunter Hagdorn, D.J. Avery, Drew Estrada, Jackson Perry, DeWayne Terry Jr., Nigel Alexander, Jared Gerbino, Derek Kyler, Jake Pallotta, Davis Brief, Ryan Roegge, Darren Stanley, Niko Mermigas, Isiah Swann, Mac Battle, Caylin Parker, Ethan Maenza, Naeem Morgan, Dakari Falconer, Vito Penza, Connor Rempel, Caleb Martin, T.J. Simpson, Zach Sammartino, Jack Traynor, Thomas Hennessy, Tanner Cross, Colton Forster, Ross Andreasik, Grant Jaffe, Andrew Lemkuil, Tanner Aiono, Evan Hecimovich, Ben Culmer, Seth Walter, Jake Guidone, John Lass, Anders Peterson, Donald Carty, Masaki Aerts, Brandon Hester, J.J. Jones III, Niko Lalos, Jackson Yost, Seth Simmer, Jordan McGriff, Nate Boone, David Chalmers

Before getting deeper into our winners’ accolades, these are our conference runners-up, from worst-to-first:


#224 Brown Bears

2.4 Super Squad Rating

Brown Bears logo


5-25 Overall
1-20 Ivy League

Average Power:


Yearly Finish:

#231, #216, #199


#167 Cornell Big Red

3.5 Super Squad Rating

Cornell Big Red logo


10-20 Overall
8-13 Ivy League

Average Power:


Yearly Finish:

#176, #145, #166


#137 Pennsylvania Quakers

4.4 Super Squad Rating

Pennsylvania Quakers logo


17-13 Overall
10-11 Ivy League

Average Power:


Yearly Finish:

#101, #129, #165


#123 Columbia Lions

4.8 Super Squad Rating

Columbia Lions logo


17-13 Overall
10-11 Ivy League

Average Power:


Yearly Finish:

#102, #77, #188


#107 Harvard Crimson

5.2 Super Squad Rating

Harvard Crimson logo


15-15 Overall
9-12 Ivy League

Average Power:


Yearly Finish:

#150, #71, #115


#61 Yale Bulldogs

8.1 Super Squad Rating

Yale Bulldogs logo


23-7 Overall
15-6 Ivy League
2 Ivy League Titles
(2017, 2019 shared)

Average Power:


Yearly Finish:

#35, #94, #56


#42 Princeton Tigers

9.3 Super Squad Rating

Princeton Tigers logo


23-7 Overall
14-7 Ivy League
1 Ivy League Title

Average Power:


Yearly Finish:

#95, #13, #76


#41 Dartmouth Big Green

9.4 Super Squad Rating

Dartmouth Big Green


26-4 Overall
17-4 Ivy League
1 Ivy League Title
(2019 shared)

Average Power:


Yearly Finish:

#87, #24, #48

Just edging out Princeton with our tightest title to-date, congratulations Dartmouth College, and all Big Green coaches, staff, administrators, players, and especially the 48 young men present on the roster all three years that earned them this title!

Dartmouth Super Squad Plaque

Super Squad Rankings

These are our up-to-date Division I Super Squad rankings after this week’s announced winner. Follow along as each Sunday we fill in more teams and announce our next Super Squad!

Week 13 Super Squad Poster

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