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Value Proposition:

  • Hierank employs a truly one-of-a-kind approach to rank any giant pool of competition using its proprietary dominance, comparative, & hierarchical factors.
  • We’ve dialed it in extremely-well to rate college football teams, with strong prediction-capacity looking forward.
  • We understand the market-potential of this rich proprietary data, in an arena with tens of millions of fans.
  • We already know how to employ the near-same method to rank college basketball teams, and are only limited by resources.
  • We could dial-in further to accurately rank any large league, with the greatest comparative advantage for those that are quasi-tiered, and with a much greater number of teams than scheduled match-ups.

What We Have:

  • Hierank, LLC – licensed by the State of Michigan
  • Ownership of hierank.com domain
  • A unique, powerful, & versatile power-ranking algorithm
  • A fully-dedicated Creator & team of highly-capable Advisors spanning expertise across marketing strategy, digital media, content creation, audience monetization, sponsor/partner procurement, design/illustration, web development, finance, IT, event marketing, football/sports, statistics/math, and business administration
  • Over 600 hours of mental, emotional, & collaborative investment, pre-soft-launch
  • A clear vision of the path & requirements to reach a mass audience & sustained profitability – with minimal operating costs

What We Don’t Have:

The working capital to build Hierank from a prototype & blog into the authoritative ranking machine & profitable media platform that it so-easily can become.

What We Need:

To fully-develop Hierank.com, a Hierank mobile application, and to reach a sustainable mass audience we are currently seeking underwriters, sponsors, brand affiliates, and private patrons/investors.

Hierank is open to offers for capital investment until further advisement.

To submit an inquiry, contact info@hierank.com.